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  1. press ":)" if you're satisfied

    Expressing Satisfaction :
    • It is with great pleasure that...!
    • It gives me great satisfaction..
    • I'm very pleased with it
    • A most delightful example of..
    • What a beautiful story!
    • Great, love it.
    • I'm content with.
    • I'm satisfied with it.
    • I'm completely satisfied with what you've done for me.
    • It was satisfactory.
    • Everything was just fine.
    • I'm happy enough with it.
    • Good enough.
    • Good job.
    • I’m satisfied with ….
    • I am very happy.
    • I like it.
    • I enjoy it very much.

    Expressing Dissatisfaction:
    • It is disappointing that.!
    • It is unacceptable
    • This is the limit I won't take any more of...
    • Well, this is most unsatisfactory.
    • The concert is so boring.
    • What an awful meeting
    • It's not as good as I thought.
    • It isn’t very nice.
    • It’s really not good enough.
    • I’m dissatisfied by ….
    • It’s dissatisfying.
    • Oh no.
    • I am a little dissatisfied with the service here.
    • I am a bit disappointed with the program.
    • The food was lousy.

    Example :
    Expressing Satisfaction :

    • Nothing satisfied him. He is always complaining.
    • I’m satisfied with the exam result of my students.
    • The good news is satisfying.
    • The results of yours test are satisfactory.
    • Your success will be a great satisfaction to your parents.

    Expressing Dissatisfaction
    • The bad news dissatisfied me.
    • The workers were dissatisfied with their salaries.
    • The preparation for the basket ball competition is dissatisfying.
    • It is really a dissatisfying preparation.

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